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War is coming.


Wendigos walk the Earth once more, feasting on humans and skinwalkers alike. Devastated by the massacre that nearly wiped out his pack, Fey’s former alpha has called for a council to warn the other packs about the lurking danger. But it’s a long way to Skinwalker Ranch, and they soon find themselves lost and stranded, with nature itself conspiring to stop them. Emotions are running high. Fey must come to terms with the responsibilities she spent the past three years running from, Clueless struggles with her newfound sentience, and Zave's developing powers continue to mystify even the magical creatures fate has teamed him up with.


The winds of change are blowing. Fey, Zave, and Clueless have heard the distant thunder, but will they have time to act before the storm hits?

Chapter One Will Debut 11/02/24.
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©2024, Adam Bolander

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