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The Slayer and the Sphinx Fanart

Sarah showing off her more cat-ish side,

drawn by my cover artist Rita Munoz.

Sarah looking a little, ah, flirthish.

Is this how she looks at Porter?

He's a lucky guy.

Also drawn by my cover artist,

Rita Munoz.

A bit of concept art for The Slayer and the Sphinx's cover by Rita Munoz.  I ultimately rejected this version because I thought Sarah's body looked a little too human.

"The rustle of dead leaves stopped her midsentence.  She spun around to look... and screamed!"

Drawn by Rita Munoz

Here's a pic of Sarah by WattPad user

Serfinee, one of my very first fans!

Another pic by Serfinee, and one of the only pieces of art I have for Tick!

Misoki looks cuter than she has any right to in this pic by ErikaPeace32.

The gang's all here in this last bit of art by Serfinee.

Here's a full color version of the kiss

on The Protector and the Peacemaker's

cover, drawn by my artist Rita Munoz.

Here's a pic of Porter's soul-bound form from The Protector and the Peacemaker by Serfinee on WattPad!

And here's Sarah's soul-bound form,

also drawn by Serfinee.

This is the first cover

The Slayer and the Sphinx ever

had, drawn by Kory Bing, author

and illustrator for Skin Deep, one

of my favorite webcomics.

(Go read it and you might find

out why I like it so much!)

This is the second cover I commissioned

for The Slayer and the Sphinx, this

one drawn by Deslaias on Deviantart.

This is the cover I originally used

for The Convict and the Captive,

the sequel to The Slayer and the Sphinx

that ultimately was spliced with the

first book to become the second half

of The Slayer and the Sphinx.

Also drawn by Deslaias on Deviantart.

This is the original cover for

The Protector and the Peacemaker.

Drawn by PKKiss on Deviantart.

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