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The Salyer and the Sphinx:

Chapter Fiive

(POV: Sara)


Terror greater than anything Sarah had ever known froze her in place— greater, even, than when she had been chased by the Slayers.  Her blood seemed to turn to ice in her veins, and she let out a bloodcurdling scream.


Because in front of her, defying all logic or reason, was a duck the size of a motor boat.


“QUAAAAAAAACK!” It roared at her, furious that its territory had been invaded.  It raised its wings, somehow using its feathers like fingers, and revved a chainsaw.


Sarah screamed again, and finally forced herself to move.  She turned tail (literally), and ran in the opposite direction as quickly as her paws could carry her.  Behind her, she could hear the duck waddling after her as quickly as its tiny webbed feet could go, quacking maliciously and revving its chainsaw.


There was no end to the forest that Sarah could see, only rows upon rows of trees, lit only by the moonlight.  She ran for more than ten minutes, weaving between the wooden spires, but her pursuer remained behind her at all times.  Her breathing became strained, and her paws grew heavy.  After the showdown with the Slayers, she was already tired.  How much longer could she keep ahead of this maniacal mallard?


As if to spur her on, the duck swung its chainsaw, trimming the fur off the tuft of her tail.  Sarah shrieked, tucking her tail between her legs, and put on an extra burst of speed, finally gaining a little distance on the duck.


What do I do? she wondered, panicked.  What do I do what do I do WHAT DO I DO?!


She couldn’t outrun the duck, she realized.  The only thing she could do, then, was get somewhere it couldn’t reach her.  But where was there to hide in a forest?  No houses, no caves, just more trees than she could count.




The duck’s demonic cry made her fur stand on end, and her mind was immediately made up.  If there was nothing here but trees, then she would use the trees!  She leaped at the nearest one, a massive oak tree that was at least forty feet tall.  Her claws sank into the bark, and she scurried up into the branches like a… well, she wasn’t entirely sure if it was like a cat or a squirrel.  Anyway, she got up into the tree and looked down, finally feeling safe.


The duck circled the tree for a few minutes, the whole time giving her the most hate filled glare she had ever seen.  Even the coldness in the Slayer’s eyes didn’t have anything on this bird.  But it was a duck, right?  Ducks didn’t have hands, so they couldn’t climb, right?  If it wanted to get to her now, it would need a way to cut down the tree.  She couldn’t see that happening.  After all, it only had a…


A chainsaw.


Oh, crap, Sarah thought as the duck revved its tool and stepped up to the tree.


“Qua-ha-ha-ha-hack,” it chuckled as it set the blade against the trunk, sending a cloud of sawdust flying into the air.  The entire tree lurched, almost throwing Sarah out of it, but there was nothing she could do but watch.


“I’m dead!” she moaned, looking up at the moon and closing her eyes.  “I got away from the Slayers, and now I’m going to be killed by a freaking duck!”


Suddenly, something tickled her nose, and she opened her eyes to see a rope dangling just above her face.


“What the…” she wondered, temporarily distracted from the duck, which was now maniacally laughing down below.  There was a little sign attached to the rope.  She craned her neck forward, trying to see what it said.


“Pull in case of demon duck.”


“Um,” Sarah said, giving the monster below her another look.  She wasn’t sure if it could technically be classified as a demon duck, but it was close enough for her.  “Okay!” she agreed, and, standing on her back legs, grabbed the rope in her teeth, gave it a sharp pull downwards.


Instantly, a grand piano fell out of the sky, crushing the duck underneath it.  The sound of every key being hammered on rang through the forest, almost loud enough to drown out the duck’s dying “Quaaaaaaack!”


Sarah stood still for a few seconds, trying to catch her breath.  That was two times tonight she’d escaped near certain death.  Lucky thing she’d found the duck piano trap, or else she would have been dead for sure.  After a few minutes, when she finally felt like she’d calmed down enough, she made to climb back down the tree.


All right, first things first, she thought.  I have to figure out where I am.  Then maybe I can find a way to contact mom and dad.


She paused at the point where the branch joined the tree trunk.


Actually, she amended, maybe I should get someone to help me out of this tree.  I wonder if there are any firemen way out here?


NEXT TIME: Whoa, surviving a Slayer attack AND a chainsaw swinging demon duck in one night?  Sarah’s on a roll!  Can anything kill her?  Maybe we’ll find out next week when she accidentally detonates a nuke in Russia and plunges the earth into World War Tomato.  Also... APRIL FOOLS!






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