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Chapter Twenty Five

"Amber? Hello? Earth Amber!"


Stacey use his cheek with purple toe nail, and I turned his head slowly to look.


"What do you want?" I asked.


Stacey quit his finger back, eyes wide with surprise. "Well, I'm sorry, Princess! I think I look like excrement, and I feel that you should be asking is why."


He groaned and rubbed his forehead. "I feel like excrement," I said.


He snorted and crossed his arms. "Well, now I do it myself. I want to apologize."


I sighed. "Do I?" When it comes to nose at me, I looked up and said, '? Did he make a sincere apology, Princess Violet Forgive me my sins, the amazing "


THIS gave His rest. "Well now-That neither More Like This," he decided. "Purple Princess ... I love it. From now-, I want my name to be resolved to me."


"I do not think," I said, turning to look OUTSIDE Color is Now in Settings window is back flashing white.


"Neither nor" Large "But for what?"


"I do not know. I think I hear On Tv Immediately."


"Of course, not heard in ANPR You?"


I gave brilliant colors look bright, colors She smiled shyly. "What? I you say, it seems that everyone uses one word when they do not Close One All colors divided foam swords, pretending to be a hero and crap."


I rolled my eyes. "Whatever."


As a result of this journey to the city and the space, if it means to me like two days off this little journey, if Friday night. I spent almost all sleep and avoid Stark. I was forced to talk with him after an impressive display in the morning and I am not very happy to oblige. I was not angry with him, in fact. I ... I do not know if I felt. I want them to be furious against him, they are necessary, well, things are not really changed, I know, but? Since I want to work as a longevity month, how can I get mad?


However, it does not teach at the same time. I have lived with him for more than two months, I know that more and more, I must admit it, and I must teach you what all the reasons have happened . All I miss. The reason why he did not tell me, I mean, I understand. He may think that I do not like the guts of encouragement, as he said. How can I open this panda box if he can help? But what is good.


So I spent the last week refusing to be in the same room with him. I have never told my mother what I said, but the eyes of sympathy will keep doing what I thought she said. How did he feel about it, how I wonder? My father was the age whose daughter was also taken by a block thief.


To make matters worse, he killed her husband ... and my father.


I could not bite do not get angry, but I'm sure it could be angry in the future. I was right. Deep black anger extended to me, like a fire burning in his chest. E "became a monster of me, I forgive him. I can not forgive him involved in this absurd adventure. I could forgive who also forgave his mother was in danger. I can not forgive, but not now, not tomorrow, and once alienated dad. And rotate your covered legs with jeans around his fist, threatening drill path directly on the nail and skin underneath. I do not want to draw attention to myself to stop bleeding is to go it alone. I have to keep enough intensive care.


One "seems to be ready to kill," also tried to ignore my attempts to ignore, Stacey said.


"But," I tickled, my voice as I did expecting wolves.


Stacey is another insult to my face. "If you have access, I want to talk about myself. "


"You promise?" "


I feel bad to say it, but I am also shocked deeply buried in'll stay here. If there is one thing I must admit that in the last few months I am not the same girl last year. I had to live their animals literally. My body had to act like a cage. Because I am your thing, I hear their thoughts and feelings. They may try to ignore it, but when it comes to continuous violence day and night, only you can stop them. I let them go who dares no one to tell me not to change a bit. Whenever possible, because I have changed, or if you are a liar, you become a stronger person than I was before. I have too many changes. Heard from his mouth, you can barely recognize your voice. I remember what I do, I do not think it's human to do it. In addition, one of the biggest changes in all ...


I find that you can not withdraw immediately, my best friend.


I think it scared me. Stacey and my elementary school partner. I do not say clearly if she is antisocial, not even one of them for that other friends. In addition, Stacey, though, because he was Stacy, also created a friend, and blood banks and vampires. What interests us are either two, I find the place of hell, I do not like it. Well, he was tired, but that does not mean what I say. When it is not in my privacy challenge because I did not depend on a rope hat ... then I do not know, Mars, Pluto the dog did not choose Canadian syrup. I do not have much patience and a girl before she can tolerate it becomes harder.


I felt very bad, but quickly lose the player to use whatever.


Stacy did not move from our office, but we drove the rest of the way in silence. If we think of school, he had caught in the door before the driver has a chance to open it. I for more patience, integration with other students wait and slowly started my way through the crowded bus park is freezing. As I stood on the sidewalk, I stopped for a moment and the cool breeze in my hair, let my shoulders dancing around. Hot burned my face with anger, and the wind felt good against him. After a minute, take a little too calm, I was in school and sighed. I currently have a bad day. School is only going to the situation caused.


Ho boy ... I have no idea.


I went to try his ears and the cacophony of noise in the cafeteria too close, and instead of turning the house on the library down. Even in a high school library never relax, but at least librarians work hard the volume in a bright primary edge. I was with a group of professionals, the type table game play and fell in a Sacco for comfortable reading box. Sit back in a comfortable, shapeless house, I shut my eyes and came back Taurus massaging.


"If someone out there is listening," I said slowly: "It is too much to ask for an asteroid hit the school at this time and all my problems go away?"


"Be careful what you wish for."


My eyes widened and I looked Edgar was sitting in bean bag next to me to see. State wide, boyish smile fool me, as if, yes, I am glad to see him.


"You know," he said, a tight book in your hands some good animals "for the library, this place was a good choice. Have you ever read something Brandon"


"How the hell would want to?" Teame'i.


Guard to sit up and his staff. "You're angry at this time?"


"Why, I'm angry now?" I am a mother. "With time, I'm not angry, I'm angry!"


I think the proportions Edgar. "What am I to you? This is the time of night, assassins, death happens, and, of course, I have crazy, is recommended. You give me this?"


"You saved me?" I asked inanamad ı. Slowly changing, and if I am the Ottoman Empire, sit down. "You think you can be saved?"


"I got it before they kill you!"


"You can not change the diddly" I Kagura. "If this is the bright eyes. Sat down with me and saved me." I do not want to surprise him and spit on him. "You saved me. Yes."


But I have the courage to face the mountains, in the tradition of Ed. "Why do you always do that for me?"


I rolled her eyes. "This argument is the need to Edgar, you will still be impressive."


"I try to help them!"


"Guinea pigs are back, and they will help you, but Bull Excrement man! Alive".


"I do not have my job."


"Yes, as in Nazi concentration camps." I stood up, ready to go. "If you ask me, there is nothing better than you."


For me to walk away, remember that the less said the change is that, perhaps, but hesitated when snap immediately after my floor, down the book, the angry young man was shaking body.


"We want to know something?" he hissed.


I turned to him and put my arms. "Hit me."


"He said, Kimberly and if you want," he added. "I like it better. You're- resin is a very good girl, and determined. And I think when they see me do to help, do not want bad guy could ask for!"


I was back in shock. Immediately crying like Dang, cancer!


It is no longer necessary. Clenched his fists at his side, he took a step toward me. "But if there are such, Ask to see Kimberly Wrogan change its position!"


I blink, and any leakage to the ankle. It's just ... I think what I said?


"I know I can not go anywhere," he said, "I shot my collision with laughter, manifest error.


At another point, I mean, he was the victim Kimberly if she felt she was, but not only, what a joy to hear. Not my son. After that, it's not worth it. No no no no ...


Part of my son.


"You can stay as far away from Kimberly," I muttered, and stepped toward him. He faces a handful do not have the opportunity to condemn what return did have his mouth open and rectangular pockets. He turned to his half, almost comical, then fell to the ground. He fell into a quiet library. Ed is on all fours and looked at me with disgust. I note in my room.


I do not care.


Ed tries to return. But to shoot him work ka'ōpū Puhi'ouko brings the soul of the people to come to the country. I want my werewolf It would not be a surprise if we destroyed his iwi'ao'ao.


"Amber, what are you ..." He thought, jumping the instinct of his jacket, he wore a suit. I joined the broad eye when he did not create. This is a good process. He must have seen Dash door how good a crazy


I will also come out as a T & D. What do they call me? But I heard them, I think, while in a row at home, started with his feet and was an incident. The library and doors go into the house and runs out of Edgar's room to recover the marble. People who are in this process and use it.


Put me down, I'm Keohuh standard, I'm interested in me and!


I jump up eating breakfast bar, the user is presented in the classroom in the appropriate room. Hua Hin said: But do not have to copy and swine edgar kekahi'ao'ao box run theater set. Nowhere in my repentance, I know I will regret later. I am very happy to be part of the depth of focus and continue to do so much fashion, says Edgar Grass, who is attached to the camel and is expensive ... and it hurts to wait there for more. !


I downloaded


I massage, fitness center next room, rooms, followed on earth. Will rhythmic pulse behind the car doors can not be polished grind hearing shoes wooden floors. Edgar before me, restore their vision. They were prepared. Mourning in fear, anxiety Room Edgar Chambers, was gone. Boy room safe. As some had no doubt.


"Hey," I have come barreling down the sidewalk escape school. Only player to chested pants. "You do you think you're- hell"


And some professional wrestling, so getting the escape door. But the emphasis on earth and the area ran after some time, rolled. But in the second, and then the tail can place her underwear, and. Plus it comes, and I alone and Edgar. Slowly, I scanned around the room, I turned my nose breathing. Hot dirty clothes and the smell of people my nose, but the flavor and the wall of Edgar. Move around the room. By no means. Therefore, it is. Early did not have to.


In ...... Similar stories wolf from me.


Yes. Why do not you remember?


I started to enter to have their coats and twenty. To have lost my clothes in the trash is expected to make this piece. I remember my class wants something. Hair my skin was getting, and I went over and wild smile as my mouth and my teeth. Once the tube, simply enter the bag before my underwear lineup.


Emotional «Edgarrrr ...» an honest, good old voice. In, the charge capture weak, stupid, you get a real sense of the battle will go. "Forrrrr come ... rrrr ... food!"


Jack my face, you lose the ability to speak.


«Amber;» Come home party sound of the caller's voice. «Amber, wait! No, you and -Eil school "


One minute my metal key around the legs target a basic fare and charge the same problem. Edgar. I Allow me, my wolves, jackals, and tired of struggling with his emotions. Little loose in the country as a lawyer on the Toualeta Rex. I have seen emotionally, and squeaks. The Ngau said door left, have begun to pull hinges Station season lineup will appreciate before. Pant, starting with the company. Edgar, who cares? Concerns about the people? Get it, and think of the opening of the skin caused by dental taste blood in my mouth




Like his ears to protect their small fellow, we index or Victor or expectations. Scratches died, cutting murder and could eat your Tensing teeth ... but not.




"Oh ... my ... God," I am the face of his breath and throw away. "Will my Omigawd that everything is not sure what will happen to you, you ..."


He could not finish his sentence. my good friend, and I was standing there, watching me, and suddenly all my anger does not affect me, after a few months.




Stacy that is not justified by the threat. Better, but not hold the gatehouse.


"Sweet mother of Kerry:" I gossip. "Amber, say a bicycle!"


I have to take a step back, I know ......?


This reduces the width of my degree, and I am sympathetic to me, in order to save money. Never Intrlopr, continued the pressure when I saw my friend ......? I weight my wolf, now a political party.


"It's a miracle," he said, but he came to me and said: "This is like a blessing"


I never thought I?


I want a picture. My wolf from my mouth, and I sit and. Stacy steps to try, and this is an opportunity for me to build. The anger returned. She never met him more than one new one, but that did not happen, and my purple flourish, they will not see the truth. I said, maybe Ed steal. No, Edgar was. Here I am. I can take it. Pink, purple and scarlet, offering lunch, pink, red, purple, and others did not.


"Oh, Amber?" Stacy asked, afraid to blink,


I went to her room and teeth. Finally, what happened to Stacy, played. I defy the prostitute tries to lick his hand, and after the hearing, a negative. I'm not a wolf, wild and free, too bad!




Call Stacy


He gave a bright yellow, and headache.


All Black.



Sometimes ... excrement on. What happened? Stacy now? Bernstein went to him? ... Of course not! But, next week to find out!

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